Surfing Cave

Date: 2/1/2019

By tamsinwardman

I was going surfing with some people; I cant remember who but i think craig mightve been there; So we were surfing and we found a cave. We obviously went in the cave and started to check it out. Then it got dark outside so we decided to stay in the cave for the night (for some reason there were lights in the cave). So it was night and we were all just chilling having fun. Craig was doing some weird skit with his surf board which was weirdly sharp at the end. He was rowing with it or something on the ground and then red liquid came up. We were all really intrigued and we lifted up the ground and found 2 girls who had been cut up vertically on there bodies. We were all really freaked out and didnt know what to do. So we surfed back home. Me and someone else being dumb went back to the cave the next day. The girls were gone, I lifted up the ground again and the girls werent there either, but the blood was still there. This is were I really start forgetting what happend. What i think happens next is that i found out the stories of the girls and what happend and how they got there. I find out that I was one of them, scars randomly started to appear on my body, from the cuts. Me and the other girl got thrown off a cliff thousands of years ago and the cave took us in and buried us. While being throw off the cliff we got tons of cuts all over our body. We didnt die being thrown off the cliff. Just in a coma of sorts. Then I woke up.