Robbed at gun point (what does this mean)

Date: 5/31/2017

By WILDlucy

I was driving somewhere with my dad and noticed that when I was turned towards him there was a person at each door. I tried to turn to face the person on my side so I had a better advantage, but I couldn't turn. My body wouldn't let me. So the guy pulled me by my arms out of the car. He shoved me to the ground and told me to stay out of the car. They all had guns. My dad managed to fight them off and get us back in the car. We went home and that night they showed up at my house. It was really late. I think I saw a clock that said 2 am. I tried I call the cops but my service sucked AND they didn't pick up. I went under a bed to hide and called them from there. The people kept calling my name and teasing me. Like they knew where I was but were torturing me. The cops finally showed up and gathered everyone in the living room. Even the criminals, and sat down for questioning. I was so traumatized and done with the situation that I left and went to this kind of school/hangout place. All my friends were there. I was trying to act like everything was fine then my best friends Michael and malek noticed I wasn't ok. I then started crying hysterically and described what happened to me. Michael started crying and malek just comforted me.