Foursome with friends

Date: 2/24/2019

By natassja666

I had a dream where I was hanging out with two of my closest friends who are in a relationship together and things turned sexual. They started feeling me up and we were all extremely aroused by each other. They asked if I thought my boyfriend would b down for a foursome and I said I honestly didn’t think so but I’d ask him. I was trying so hard to resist having sex with them but every time they touched my it felt extremely intense and amazing and I couldn’t think straight. We ended up having sex the three of us but extremely briefly because I stopped things almost right away. I told myself “you can never tell your boyfriend about this” which obviously all of this is horrible and I would never do in real life at all. Anyway, I met up with my boyfriend and I was trying to talk him into the foursome. He was extremely reluctant and at first shot me down completely. I’m not sure what happened, but he ended up changing his mind and the foursome ended up happening.