Digital art, A person dressed in a retail uniform confidently mans the cash register at a busy store, impressing their old college roommate and real-life boss, while a group of friends gather in another room, engrossed in watching an episode of True Detective, where one of them quotes the phrase 'Time, Death, and Futility', inspiring the protagonist to share a profound observation before noticing that their college roommate eerily resembles the show's main character, briefly causing self-doubt before finding inner strength and dismissing the opinions of others.

Random yet significant events

Date: 8/17/2019

By momoney6628

I was in a store and my old roomate from college Nicholas was there too. I wanted to prove that I was good at something so I started working the cash register and making sure everything in it was sorted and neat. My boss in real life was also there and I think he came over and double checked that I was doing things right or something. Next me and Nicholas went into another room where there were two girls and my friend Landon from highschool. I went into the other room to sit by myself for a minute when all of a sudden I could hear them watching the show True Detective on TV. I heard Nicholas quote the phrase “Time, Death, and Futility”. This got me excited and so I changed clothes and walked back out there. While the show was on I told them that (I’m slightly paraphrasing) “Now I see the Office like I see this show, just another thing that will pass through then be gone. Like time, death, and futility.” After I said this I glanced over at Nicholas and he looked exactly like the main character Rust Cole from True Detective at that moment. He also made some sort of facial expression towards me and I was about to me nervous of what he though about me, but then I remembered that the opinions or judgment of other does not have any power over me. And so I took a deep breath to calm myself and that was it... Oh, and my friend Landon also said that we should hangout more.