Sex with a ghost at a lake

Date: 8/6/2019

By natassja666

In my dream I went to a river to a huge beautiful lake to go swimming with my boyfriend. The sun was shining on it magically and there were so many people there, mostly people that I know in real life. Far away on the other side of the lake there was a sparkly waterfall. I thought it was too far away to get to but I really wanted to go see it and play in it so badly. There was this strange underwater tunnel or something. It looked like an opening to a sewer and there were signs all around it warning “DO NOT ENTER” but so many people were going inside and playing in it. Braden (my boyfriend) said we should check it out as well. I was super nervous but agreed, we swam into the tunnel and it took us inside of an underwater school. It was an old school that flooded long ago or something. It was so cool, but I started feeling really panicky and like I needed air. My boyfriend didn’t feel ready to stop exploring but he told me he’d be quick and to wait for him by the entrance. I waited forever and he wasn’t coming out. Everyone who would enter I would ask them to look for him, but they’d come out saying they didn’t see him. I would try to look for him but I couldn’t get very far before I’d start having some sort of extreme asthma/anxiety attack and would need to go get air. These guys I sort of knew went in and when they were leaving I was like “is there anywhere you didn’t go where he could possibly be!?!?” And they hesitated before admitting to me there was one place they didn’t check, because they were too scared to go inside. I blocked the exit and told them I wouldn’t let them out until they checked for him. Suddenly there was this strong force, that pushed the guys backwards in the direction they had mentioned avoiding. “That’s a sign, he might need you guys! You need to go!” They were very reluctant, there eyes were wide and terrified but they had no other choice so they finally went. I was thinking about if I should call my boyfriends mother and tell her what was happening. When suddenly I saw the ghost of my boyfriend before me in the part of the tunnel where the water was the most shallow. He was slightly translucent and his entire body was glowing and pale blue. We embraced instantly and held on to each other tight. I was crying and kissing him all over, thinking this was my last chance to ever see him. I noticed he was hard, and I didn’t even hesitate or worry if people would see I instantly started going down on him. We had intense crazy ghost sex, where gravity did not seem to exist whatsoever. As soon as we were finished I heard our friends returning and the ghost of my boyfriend quickly disappeared. I braced myself for the worst news, but they came dragging Braden. He was unconscious and looked pale but they were yelling “he’s still alive! He’s still breathing, call for help!” and while I was quickly calling for help, I couldn’t help but wonder about the ghost. Was it someone from the past who drowned and used my boyfriends form to get some and trick me? Or did my boyfriend die momentarily? Would he be okay now, would he survive? Or would I always be left not knowing?