Rolls Royce hangar

Date: 8/30/2019

By IndridCold

I was on some expensive property, I was with a girl and we were leaving, I for some reason had access to a really nice rolls Royce and so I said let’s take the Rolls Royce. I went to the garage. By the time I got there, I was with several girls, about 4. I had a remote to open the area where the car was stored, and I also saw that Lee Camp and John Stewart were there. They were looking over a show schedule and asked me to proofread the spelling. There was one long unfamiliar word and I said it was all spelled correctly except I didn’t know about that one word. They said it was the name of a renaissance fair. When I opened the little shed that contained the Rolls Royce there was a redhead girl in there, I had accidentally locked her in there from the previous night. I was shocked and offered to drive her home but she didn’t want to go home, she wanted me to take her out. The Rolls Royce was really nice and all silver. Later in the dream I was in the garage but it was now a huge hangar. Instead of all girls I was with all boys. Both of my brothers were there as well as Bob. Everyone was smoking cigarettes, both of my brothers were very young (around the 13-15 age range) and they were acting very effeminate, I think they may have both been gay. Bob said that we were smoking at the big boy’s table, because we were in some place that belonged to a wealthy important person. Earlier in the dream there was a school shooting, and also Cindy was there. I had some sort of magic spell where a person’s answer to the next 90 questions would always be “no”.