treptower time

Date: 2/14/2017

By Carolina

i was with m in berlin and it was very romantic. i was talking to him about berlin memories and pointing things out. he kept having great romantic ideas like going to the spa or otherwise continuing and extending the day. i had some weed cereal i ate at dinner. we got to treptower park and he carried me running all the way up the stairs. in the dream you could see the whole city from the top. i kept trying to snap chat and the filters were amazing. i talked about forgetting how great the filters at the top of the monument were. i tried to take one of us kissing but ran out of batteries. all of a sudden i was back in my childhood house. there was an element of time travel because i was trying to text m and people were saying i would upset him cause he doesn't know about cell phones. my parents kept getting in my way until my phone ran out of batteries again. i was cursing at them while wearing an ugly bathrobe. m returned but it was actually another guy. i ran out to him and we were suddenly at his school for pt meetings. i tried to give him my cell number saying it was a landline and he could call me from a payphone. we all waited.