Katie Gold Digs A Guy

Date: 2/1/2017

By Y0Universe

Katie and I were at this apartment and we were talking about an upcoming holiday, maybe her birthday or Christmas. I was asking about plans and she said that she might not be able to go because she had to meet the father of a guy she had been seeing, while I was in my previous dream. I think his name started with a T. She said that T was probably going to ask to marry her at this holiday and his father wanted to oversee it. I was completely shocked! I asked who this guy was and why she was going to marry him? I begged her not to. She said she still loved me but this other guy was actually really nice and had 26million dollars. I got on my knees and asked her to marry her right then and there, tears were rolling down both of our faces. She said that of course she still planned on marrying me but she had previously planned to marry this other guy and then divorce him a year later so she would get around 12 million in the divorce. I was so sad, but supported her wishes and told her I would go off on my own adventures for a year. Then the guy and his friends showed up. He hadn't known about me and quickly got aggressive toward me. He said him and his friends were going to beat the shit out of me if I did t leave and never contact Katie again. I decided I wasn't going to leave without a fight. T was about my size. Kind of looked more Jewish and not as of athletic of a build. He laughed and said you really want to do this. We decided to go 1 on 1. The fight lasted under a minute. I dodged a few punches. Stayed calm, lit him up and he crashed to the ground. Another one of his friends tried to sucker punch me and I dodged that, counter punched him right on the jaw and he was out. Two remained but I woke up before I fought them. They certainly were scared to fight me.