Random thoughts

Date: 9/2/2019

By Caswillsaveme

Was celebrating halloween or something there was a big festival for it and a haunted house thator phew onto a fright house. There was a big chess board thing and a contest going on for the best photo. Alex won it, the prize was donuts. Everyone was sitting in an area, the told me all the people really liked me and thought I was funny and to have a donut. My ex was there and these twins from my choir were cuddling up with him. I had to leave and ended up in some sort of chase thing in a long tunnel where I had to kill people like I was in a video game. Turned out we were all just doing it for practice as if we were filming a movie or something. At the end they wanted me to say "Arg" like a pirate and have a big reveal where I'm wearing pirate clothes. Other things happened but I can't remember clearly.