A holiday for fellow dreamers

Date: 4/22/2017

By countingwaves

So after talking to a friend about dreaming and what spurs my dreams on I found it stupidly hard to actually dream last night....atleast I think I did. I had a dream within a dream scenario where I knew I was dreaming but the "2nd dream" was the frustration bit. I was overthinking things and couldn't relax in order to properly dream and even tho it was a relatively naughty dream ( blame the convo I had with my friend!) I woke up from it straight back into number one dream, I was trying to establish why the dream deteriorated and wouldn't take shape! As 6am came around I woke up (briefly) to then nod back off again and find myself and friend going to some sort of summer camp for dreamers, bizarrely we were all geared up in American football kit and had to work with our "buddies" to steal the ball, as my friend does not meet the criteria for bashing body's she decided to go to the sideline and take a nap ( and probably dream about something ). Certainly was a dream I remember every part of and woke up as confused as I was before I went to bed. WHAT BROUGHT THAT DREAM ON?? nobody knows