Reoccurring dream of worms inside my skin

Date: 10/11/2019

By Doodoo

I had this dream two times now. 1st dream: i was with a group of people, we were scared of this village we were in cos we knew it was bad news so we were trying to get out. But there was so much mud on the ground so it was hard to walk. Then someone shouted “wtf is this hole in the ground.” So i went over to the hole but i was scared of falling in it. I had to inch my head forward carefully to see inside it, it was really deep, and there was a guy crawling his way down into it with his hands. He was full of worms, it was offputting. I understood he went crazy from being in the village, and the worms were eating him. So we ran off, and all the while i kept noticing worms crawling inside my skin, which i tried to hide with my clothes and pretended everything was fine. I kept pulling some out from holes in my skin. 2nd dream: i was on top of this big building and was trying to cross around it but found that there were huge tidal waved at the other side of the building. There wasn’t enough room for me to walk through so i got caught and got carried away on a wave. I was screaming for help cos i was gonna go deeper into the water and this random guy came in to save me. He then said not to go there again cos the waves were too rough. I agreed and looked back into the sand (there was sand on the roof, it was like an ocean was sitting on the roof) and noticed a long white worm crawling in there. After a while i started feeling a pain on my toe and when i looked there were two holes in it, with a worm poking out. I got some tweezers and was able to pull it out. Then i noticed a big one crawling by my knee. I went inside the house to get a knife and cut deep into my skin to get it out. I managed to take a big chunk of skin off, and once i saw the tip of the worm in the meat, i grabbed it with tweezers and pulled, but it was going in deeper, so i grabbed it with my fingers and pulled it out all the way. It was huge, larger than a regular big earthworm. After that i kept pulling worms out. Then i was with my boyfriend at a store and i bought some freshly made delicious waffles with peanut butter on them. Then i woke up.