Jacob Mistakes His Own Brother for a Baby

Date: 9/6/2019

By briannagio

I was in a house (I don’t know whose) and I walked outside to see a neighborhood security car parked in the backyard. Aunt Nancy showed up to see if we were okay because she saw the flashing light coming from the car. She found out that Alex had stolen the car, and she told her “Great, now I have to return the car and explain what happened... Why did you do you this??” I wasn’t very surprised that she had stolen it. I visited Park Vista for a day, and on my way out, I was worried they wouldn’t let me leave without a student aid pass. I saw Mrs. Lee in the courtyard, and I was going to avoid her since I never liked her all that much, plus I failed her AICE exam, but I went and said hi anyway. She was surprisingly happy so see me, but the conversation was kind of awkward. I asked her how her summer was and how her class is this year. She told me “A lot of AICE and STEM students are taking my class again, so it’s the usual,” and I said “Aw, well I hope maybe one day people who actually want to take the class take it!” I tried to dismiss myself from the conversation, but when I began to walk away, she decided to walk with me. I walked to the carpool lane with [possibly] Jacob Stefanescu. We walked passed Jaycie and when I said hi to her, she told me “You look like someone!” I told her and Jacob that I get that a lot because I have brown hair and small eyes. I asked her if it was Anne Hathaway, Anna Kendrick or Miranda Sings (all of which I’ve been compared to in real life), but she said no to all three. Jaycie walked away and now Renee was walking with us. Jacob pointed to a car and said “Who’s that baby in the backseat?” When I looked, I saw Steve Randle. I laughed and said “That’s Tom Cruise from The Outsiders. How did you mistake him for a baby??” He replied “No, in that car,” and I turned and saw a young Ian Stefanescu [he looked about the age that he was in his MySpace pictures]. I told him “That’s not a baby either. That’s Blake’s brother,” and Renee and I laughed.