NASA Mission to Mars

Date: 6/30/2017

By Hhhailee_

(My dreams are usually very realistic, so sorry in advance for the length... I try to write down as many details as clearly as I can!) It started out with my family planning for a small BBQ in our backyard. So our family came over to the house and I invited my boyfriend. As people were arriving, I was watching the news. The news anchor guy was talking about how NASA was to be sending a three-manned mission to Mars and that the rocket would take off around 12:00 am. It explained the reason they were taking off so late was because there was something going on with a certain star cluster that they wanted the rocket to study as they flew by, and could only pass it if they took off late in the night. *knock knock knock* "Whoop! There's my boyfriend" (I remember saying that lol) It turned into a really fun night. Everyone was eating food and having a good time. But at some point in the party my boyfriend got a call from his mom. He got up and walked away from me and the group to talk to her in private. (I guess so that he wouldn't seem rude talking on the phone in a busy setting?) I remember thinking that his mom must be pissed. (Because there was an incident the last time we hung out where his mom didn't know where he was because he forgot to check in) And I was worried that he was going to have to leave early and go home because his mom has done that a few times. After what seemed like an eternity, I walked up to my boyfriend (still on the phone) and mouthed "is everything good?" He turned to look towards me and I saw his eyes get really big. His jaw dropped as he raised his hand to point up at the sky behind me. I turned and saw the same dark sky (it was late in the night) but in the distance the sky was a beautiful swirl of reds, pinks, and oranges... and these colors were taking over the night sky like a wave. It was the most coolest thing I've ever seen in a dream by far. Once the colors had taken over the entire sky. I could see millions and millions of stars and distant planets. At one point my boyfriend had hung up the phone and he gestured to a giant cluster of stars and said "that's andromeda." Then, as if it couldn't get any cooler, in the distance we saw a streak of light shoot up into the air. The rocket. We all watched in awe. The rocket seemed so close to us and it flew over our little BBQ. It seemed almost too close to the ground because it was flying almost parallel to it, but it soon turned and flew into the direction of a distant, red planet that we could barely make out in the brilliant swirl of reds, pinks, and oranges. ... and I woke up.