Treehouse in the rubble

Date: 5/26/2019

By xCaligo

I was with my mom walking up the hill in my grandmas neighborhood. Normally you would have to turn left at the top of the hill to get to her house but instead she lived at the top of it. Another weird part was that the majority of the peoples houses were all destroyed and abandoned including the one my grandma had lived in. There was this big hardwood tree (oak maybe?) growing through the middle of her house. This was the same house and in the same condition that I dreamed of in the dream about Ellie sleeping in my grandmas bed. Except for the tree it was the same. This tree had to be at least a meter in diameter which means that it had been there for a while. Anyway a group of hispanic construction workers were building a tree house on the tree. They were they only sign of life that I had seen in the neighborhood this far and I asked them what they were doing but didn’t get a response.