Space shuttle vacation

Date: 8/20/2019

By momoney6628

I went to visit the Library of Congress (it was in New York for some reason) and ended up falling asleep there. When I woke up I was in a space shuttle with my family and some other tourist in interplanetary space. There was a shuttle and a space station and most people would spend their time in the station. When I realized where I was I was actually drifting around in the shuttle by myself. I couldn’t believe how beautiful the views of space were. The zero gravity felt so convincingly real as well. I realized that my shuttle is startling to twirl and get a little out of control so I grab a remote control and try and manually bring the ship back to the station. It was super hard steering it manually but thankfully it had a “Bring back to station” button which automatically brought it back. Once in the station I jumped in the pool where most people were residing. Then I noticed 2 people about to jump out of the station to go skydiving. These people jumped out and ended up spinning out of control violently and I think they died. Next the captains declared an emergency SOS because we were nearly out of food and water because someone was secretly stealing it all and we barely had enough to get back to earth. So on our way back to earth, what looked like a female T-1000 terminator, jumps aboard our ship and is trying to kill us. I wish I could remember the rest but that’s it.