my ex..

Date: 5/9/2017

By hopey_1901

In my dream my ex and I were together, everything had still happened between us but we were hanging out (haven't talked to him since February in real life) we were playing this game and we started to kiss and next minute we were mucking around with foreplay and everything but it was just happening. It was like I knew everything he had done and how he'd broken my heart but we were coming back together and my "bff" (get the hint) was just gone. I was so happy. then we were just half cuddling on the couch when he said he had to go, even though he knew he could stay the night. then I asked he had plans on meeting someone else and he said yes... I knew he was meeting up with my "bff" so I hope up and said okay, and started packing up and went to my room to find the cat had peed on it so I was really angry and upset with him and started ripping my bedding off and I saw him come into my room. I knew in that moment he was either gonna stay with me or go to her... choose me or her... and thats when I woke myself up. its like my subconscious knew I couldn't handle his choice...