the church and the devil

Date: 2/27/2017

By Tjika

The dream started in this old, dark and rather cold looking town. I'm not sure how a town can look cold exactly, but this one did.  Just wlaking around in it would give you the chills, but I wasn't scared in any way in the dream. In the square of the town there was a huge iron cage with nothing in it. It was like they were still constructing it. I entered a church which was rather large on the inside. It had a red carpet on the floor I was walking on and the church itself was formed in a weird way. It was like it was a square of hallways with a larger room on one of the sides instead of a hallway where the actual church was. In this room were the wooden benches people sit on to listen and stuff and on the right of the room were large benches where you could wait for someone to listen to your confession. They were open and you could see each other and actually everyone else in the church too. They weren't private in any way, but it still felt comfortable and safe for some reason. I did not have a confession anyway, since I am not a christian (well technically I used to be when I was younger, but I'm not anymore) and I was aware of that in the dream as well. I merely came to visit the church out of curiousity of what it looked like on the inside, but also to speak to someone from the church and to warn them, because I knew for some reason this warning was important to them. I told the man who came to listen to me about the fifth prophecy, the same prophecy I actually had in another dream, about the fact that something was going to happen in the Hague. This place obviously wasn't the Hague, which I knew in the dream, but then I thought: 'well I'm telling him this, the prophecy about the Hague, and I know it's important to them, so I guess this must be the Hague after all.'  It still didn't really feal right, but I ignored it and walked back through the church. On one of the benches with church visitors I saw an evil looking man with milky white eyes. I knew that this man was the devil. I saw him as the same devil as the chirstians believe in, but it was like it was a coincidence that they knew about him, like he was an evil existence who someone happened to come across someday and who this someone incorperated into the christian religion. I knew he was going to do something really bad, but I didn't feel like I should do something about it. I entered another hallway when I heard the screams and comotion in the hallway I had just come from where the devil had been. I knew I had to get away, although I was still not very impressed or in a hurry or anything. The hallway I was in had a room with a secret passage in it, which I and everyone who was in that room or hallway at that moment, entered without hesitation or suprise. I knew everyone who was left behind in the church would not make it out alive.  We exited the secret passage on the slope of a mountain where everyone just stood dazed and watched in the direction of the town. I'm not sure what they were going to do next, but I had nothing to do witht hem, so I flew of the mountain into the town again. The town was now completely deserted. When I turned around to look at the people on the mountain I saw a huge shadow flying away from the town. I knew it was the devil I had met in the church. I wasn't angry with him at all. All I thought was: 'I guess everyone has something good and something bad inside of them. I guess I do too.' Because at that moment I realised I hadn't exactly been the hero either in this story, but I didn't mind at all. I walked away towards the gate of the town and woke up before I reached it.