Getting a 3DS or wii U by teleport.

Date: 2/12/2017

By richilye

I was at some country farm, house was made out of wood, I was bored and took out my cellphone to play, but there was nothing good on it to play. I was laying on the ground thinking of what to do, then I wanted to play Mario Maker, then I remembered about my time device (if you read my orher dreams, you know what i'm talking about, I need to give this thing a name...), so, I thought I could get a console out, since I could do guns and swords. I tried it and got a one screen console, looked like a PSvita or a Wii U, I didn't know which one was it, so I hacked it, it was easier as hacking a android phone, for some reason (by hacking I mean openning and changing it's internal configurations and other stuff that aren't supposed to be seen by the consumer's eyes), It was a Wii U, but I didn't remember any game for it, after sometime I got the Mario Maker to play, then my sister and her friend woke me up...