Serial Killer “Game”

Date: 5/26/2019

By magicmaddieee

5.26.2019 I remember a room. This female serial killer took a bunch of other girls and we had to play, what to her was, a game of sorts. The winner of the game would get to live. The rest would be mutilated. I remember being terrified of her. Everyone was. Nobody wanted to be killed. Slowly, she picked people off one by one We were forced to watch I remember the room we were trapped in. It was in an abandoned mall in the middle of nowhere, the outside being this Tokyo style building. There were about 20 kidnapped girls I’d say. I remember another girl and I being in an SUV. She wanted to escape, but I remember not wanted to abandon the other girls. And we had no clue where we were going so I stayed behind. The other girl hesitated before leaving and that was her mistake. The female serial killer walked out in a rage, pulling a chainsaw out and placing it to the left temple of the girl in the car, slowly impairing her as to cause the max amount of pain before she died. I watched as the blood first dropped slowly from her head then bursting as chunks of mutilated flesh splattered against her windshield. Upon going back inside, it was time for another round of the game. I don’t remember what we were doing, but I remember this tube. After doing whatever we were supposed to do, each girl would go into this tube with water, kind of like a clean sewage line. There was an exit from the pipe, but it was closed off with bars. There was a little spot you could sit on the edge of the pipe exit thought. I recall sitting there, knowing I had to be quick so she didn’t catch me. One of the unwilling contestants, I would guess someone who just got tortured, sat there with me. She had no eyes and her tongue had been severed off but I could hear her thoughts. She said that she had a plan to escape. She needed my help though. Then I skipped forward a bunch and one other girl and I were the last ones. It was a face painting contest. She did flowers and she as hers beautifully done but mine was abstract and completely awful. I figured I could make some meaning out of it and hopefully win and escape. I remember my work being terrible and nothing like she wanted. I asked her “if you’re going to kill me, can you at least make it fast or something? Like just shoot me in the head.” She stared at me with her beady brown eyes and said, “no. When you die, you’ll feel the most pain possible before you leave this earth.” For some reason, while the serial killer was evaluating the other girls art, I saw this tnt that was about to explode and I shoved it at her instead of myself and I won. It started raining money on me. Then I remember some more tnt. I had the opportunity to kill the killer with it. But I didn’t. Instead of pushing it towards her, I pushed it away. Turns out, it was a test. Because the tnt was a dud. The killer girl said she knew I would win. She just knew it. She was happy. Ecstatic. She knew we “had a connection”. Something in common. I remember then being in another scene (now in a third person perspective dream) watching these two people in a car with the killer. She swerved the car and smacked them head first into a tee. Then this guy came over to help her, the other two being dead. I watched as this guy fell in love with the killer girl. She had some mental disorder. He wanted to help her. She wanted to kill him but couldn’t. I remember him looking at this digital chart and saying that she had high levels of acid preventing her nerve endings from connecting properly lo creating a void of morality. I don’t remember why, but the killer was incapable of hurting this guy.