Festival Storm

Date: 2/5/2017

By Unisai

Just like most dreams, it was revolved around a cabin. It started with a group and I walking up a hill, it lead to a very special place. Like a spiritual site or something. There were little gadget like things in the top of my vision. This kept track of the weather, each colour means a different weather change will happen. The turned purple. The group got worried and stated to bolt down the hill. They kept yelling about an extreme storm approaching. We were running down a hill as fast as we could. Unlike most dreams where I am physically unable to run for unknown reasons, this time was an exception. I could run, quite fast too. When we made it to the cabin, it was similar in ways to make the one we use to visit, and the one I had designed in a book. My family and grandma were in the cabin with me. It was like a usual storm. Wind gusts and a ton of rain. Outside a few feet from the cabin was a drop off. The sight of the river was like the one I live by. Mountains surrounding both sides. Called a gorge. It looked so similar to mine but not quite. The ground started to shake like the storm was getting larger. We all eventually looked outside again as the shaking got bigger. A GIGANTIC Chinese dragon floated throughout the gorge. Moving as if it were a costume. It was so ginormous and had the texture of a video game. More things followed it but I can't remember what they were. The ground shook and shook until I woke up.