night attack

Date: 2/11/2017

By Rainbowinsight

I was in my house at night there was something wrong with the sewerage and where the water was running to. I spoke to someone about this they said I needed to contact this submarine but there was no way to get a message to it The Sewers were enormous with a footpath inside them big enough for an army of workers if needed. I had something like a huge rifel that could scope huge distances I could locate the sub with it and I started taking pictures with a flash, I knew they would know I was doing this and come for me I sat in the darkness waiting for the assault team to arrive the helicopter the solders descending on ropes I waited for them to get to me. Possible interpretation: The enemy is wanting to siphon off the source of fresh water. Supplied by the Holy Spirit. His army is moving subterranean. Gods call is to prayer to signal heavens hosts who are waiting subterranean in water they will come descending from the heavens to our aid to fight the enemy. I can trust they will come.