Volleyball in Mexico but dogs too??

Date: 9/13/2019

By egarza2346

Me and some friends were driving to a field and in the beginning I didn’t know what for but once we got there I knew it was for a event called “dogs in the field”. I remember getting off and seeing a corgi but someone picked it up and took it home. I remember my fiancée being there and walking around looking for another one. I remember in the middle of the field was a house with more dogs in it and when we went inside, the house was a mess and had maybe 2 puppies inside. The dream at this point jumped to another dream For some reason my aunt was showing me dresses and where she had bought them and we were in a hotel room with some of my cousins watching this scary movie. I remember getting a call from my godfather who had wanted to talk to me. So I went outside this hotel and he picked me up in a truck and we drove around and didn’t say a word to each other. The dream jumped again here. We were playing a volleyball game at my old school and it was against a team I didn’t recognize. When we were playing, me, my two cousins and our other friend were talking about going to Mexico and staying at a mans house. I had told them that I had seen that house in a horror movie and that he would torture all the teenagers that would stay at his house but that it was okay. I remember driving that night but I was driving from the back seat. It was a really long drive and I remember playing music from my phone. Once we got to an island, an old man who was riding with us told us to stop at some bar. When we stopped at the bar, the old man had told me that I was ways off from this old mans house and now we had to walk. So we got down at the bar and we walked through a sea of old sweaty men and we eventually made it out through the back, but there was a fence with a small hole. The old man told me to jump it. So I stuck my foot in the hole to use as leverage and I got across (By this time it was starting to get sunny outside). Once everyone was over, I asked the man which way we had to go and he kept pointing north east.