I Killed George Clooney (and he deserved it)

Date: 2/7/2019

By leathecage

I was in a universe where, after you finish high school, you had to go back for one more year a few years later. This time around, everyone lived at the school, but no dorms. Everyone slept in the same room, which was also the hall where classes were taught. I had brought one of my pet birds with me because he was sick and I had to keep an eye on him. I was worried about people bothering him and making him sicker, so I up and decided to leave school for good. I ended up going to work for the day instead, but I was getting super overwhelmed that day, so I took a walk outside and I saw my dad drive by. I then remembered that my actual shift started at 5:00 and not in the afternoon like when I clocked in. I looked at my watch and it was 5:55. I ran back inside and apologized for being an hour late, but my manager said it was fine because it was the first time in two years that that had happened for me, and that I should be worried about two of the new hires instead. Their names were Duby and Ruby, which were easy to remember, but I didn't understand why I needed to worry about them. I then saw that my friend Sarah was working there now too, and her hair was made of yarn and her bangs kept falling off. She showed me a bunch of bruises she had on herself saying that they were from he beloved boyfriend George Clooney. I could tell she didn't know that she was in trouble, so I took it upon myself to help her. I went home because, apparently, George Clooney was living in my basement. I went downstairs and climbed into this giant stuffed shark to hide. Eventually, George came by and picked up the shark (he didn't realize I was in there because I had the ability to float so the shark wouldn't be heavy). I undid the zipper to get out and surprised him, and then I took out my trusty vacuum and sucked him up with it, until he was gone for good. Sarah thanked me and we decided to clean up the basement. The closet down there was covered in barnacles and weird crystals. I just cleaned them up with my vacuum. I then saw my two other birds fly by, but one was a lot bigger than usual, and he was purple instead of albino. I got mad at my grandma for letting them fly out of their cage.