Date: 2/27/2017

By cannibal-hymn

I was on my way to a flight to Almaty, I was late for my flight so I was in a hurry. I got to the airport with my mom and sister and the airport was made from pillars and oxygen being pumped inside, forming like a thin film that surrounded the airport. when I got there I was received by a man dressed in a black suit and black sunglasses telling me I was late so he would check in my suitcase, and I was like OK because in my dream that was normal. I said goodbye to my mom and went to the waiting room (before customs) with my sister, and when I opened the door it was like the fucking shire at night, all green with fireflies flying around and some music in the distance and some bungalows around, we went to one where my father and his other family were because they went there so they could say goodbye to me before my flight, his wife was pregnant, their eldest child is a girl IRL but in my dream she was a boy and their youngest is 2 irl but in my dream I made him like 7 but it was his same 2 year old head on the body of a 7 year old, inside the bungalow were 2 large screens, one were you could see the flights and if they were on time or delayed and another to see movies or whatever, and when I got there I saw in my ticket that my flight left at 12:55 and the clock said 12:55 so I said "fuck I lost it" and a man that was there all along but I don't know who the fuck he is, he was just there being friends with everybody, told me "hey look at the screen, your flight was delayed one hour" so I said goodbye to everybody and I had to get into a van, my sister came outside with me and my dad's wife came out just before I left to tell me I was forgetting my water bottle, and she started to scream and say her water broke and her son went outside to help her in and I just yelled "bye!" and left. Then I got to a white room were I did customs and then I met the man in the suit again and he said "your suitcase was too heavy" so he made me open it to take some things out" and then he said "we're late, follow me to the waiting room" and he started walking and I was beside him, I got distracted a bit and lost him and started to look for the waiting room for my flight and followed the signs around, I got to this hall with 4 doors, all made of gray metal like iron and I didn't knew which door to use, I saw a woman come in and asked her which door should I take for my flight to Kazakhstan, and she said the one at the end of the hall, so I went through it and came into a large empty corridor, all gray and with a dark brown carpet. it all felt as metal, as if the walls were a mix of metal and cement, and I found the man in the suit who said "I'm glad you found your way back to me, we're almost there, and we walked down the large corridor until we reached a door made with wood and with a spiral on the center like a Nautilus shell, and when we went through we where in the middle of the desert, and a few meters away I could see a waiting room, it was basically an oasis and one could see a thin film of cold air surrounding the waiting room, which basically was some sits and screens and a restaurant all with no walls, the thin film of cold air formed like a dome around. So the guy in a suit tells me we are just there and then we start to walk and he stop and turns his gaze to the right and there is a big bird, like an ostrich but bigger and all covered in feathers of every fucking bright color ever, yellow, fuchsia, blue, purple, orange, etc all super bright, and the man looks at the bird and says "you crossed all the desert to get here, impressive" because it seems the bird came from another door and had to cross many kilometers before reaching this waiting room, and the bird seemed to understand and made a star wars creature like sound and the man said "I know" and then kept walking forward to the waiting room, and I woke up.