evening of a party

Date: 4/8/2017

By dreamvan

I was living in an apartment like the one on York Road but it was much nicer, more spacious and more rambling, but it was in an old house. I had two roommates: Danny and someone else. it was evening and we were finishing cleaning up to get ready for a party. We were expecting Jon and Bill and some others. in the kitchen I cleared a lovely big work island with a dark stone surface, like the one at our last house. There was a large blue cloth cover lying there. I crumpled it up and stuck it down on a chair beside the island, frustrated that I had nowhere better to put it. The third roommate was preparing some food. Beside the kitchen was a doorway analogous to the hall window at York Road, opening onto nothing. below was the used car lot but other than that we appeared to be living in the countryside. I couldn't see any buildings nearby. The distance was misty and glowing with sunlight. It looked more like sunrise but the time was evening. I stepped out onto a narrow window ledge. Holding onto the doorway I was able to squeak around onto the roof of the adjoining wing. There were several people down in the car lot watching me. One of them called, hi there buddy! trying to get my attention but I ignored him. The roof was large and flat. gravel crunched under my feet. There was a view over water of a distant city with skyscrapers and lights coming on in the evening mist. It was beautiful. I lay down on the rough shingles with my chin on my hands, waiting for someone to arrive.