puzzles / gaps

Date: 6/16/2019

By virgil

(possibly four different dreams, but they all seem somehow connected in my memory) / I am staying in some sort of attic in a building that is simultaneously an old barn and an opera house. the floorboards have huge gaps and I keep falling through and getting a leg stuck /I am called out to participate in a bracket-style competition where Rihanna is the judge. it has something to do with music taste. she calls a three-way tie with me and two of my close friends from high school (who I haven’t talked to in ages). afterward, I somehow manage to make Rihanna laugh and that makes me really happy / I am in a group in a huge competition that involves a giant version of one of those wood-block slidey puzzles, and it seems impossible to make the first move toward unlocking it, but then I suddenly figure it out. everyone is amazed by my cleverness. the trick had something to do with moving a piece in a way that appeared counter-productive, but it actually freed up the other pieces to move (cw: body horror) — / a huge man is chasing me and he starts trying to assault me. as I’m fighting him off I turn around and realize that he’s actually trying to assault me with a disembodied penis that he’s holding in his hand, like a dildo except somehow I intuitively know that it’s a real penis that’s been cut off of somebody. I manage to steal it and run away but then I don’t know what to do with it. a friend suggests that it would taste like a chewy steak. I don’t really want to try it though // can’t remember anything after that