Madison college

Date: 5/4/2017

By Soren

It started with me walking down the halls of Madison middle school but it was much bigger and was actually a college, it was also mixed in with west Seattle high school. So I went to my first period and I was walking with billy, he was wearing a Boston Red Sox fleas and had cornrows. As we were walking down the hall I kept there were hundreds of people I didn't know but every so often I would as people I know like Ashley, Q, and Madison. When I arrived at class I was meet by blue, billy disappeared somewhere and I never saw him again. As I took my seat I looked around the room it was extremely big and I was sitting in the back with blue by door I shortly realized we were in math class. Class went by quickly then I walked back through the halls to my next class it was all the way on the top class floor witch was the 7 floor, there were about 20 floors my dorm room was on the top floor. So after I got to floor 7 I thought to my self what are all my classes there are ones I really want to take. So I search in my bag and find my planer. My classes were Math 1st, SS 2nd, my 3rd was me watching kids at a playground, 4th was free, 5th was baking, and 6th was ceramics. I was extremely mad at my 5th and 6th that I don't even remember by 2nd period after it I went to the playground outside where I saw joe, chris, and ryan. We talked and that's where I found out joe was signed up to have the same 3rd as me. We both skipped to try to find a way to change my 5th and 6th. It took us forever to find out where to go, we ended up going to the library but it was the library from WSHS in Madison's weird college. I then woke up after siting at the computer trying to change my classes