Late for school and the familiar men

Date: 2/20/2017

By _eclectic_witch_

I'm at school, I'm a freshman. I'm rushing to my classes, if feels like days go by and everyday I do the same thing with little alteration. One day I stay later than usual, Granny hasn't picked me up and it's getting dark. I have my phone but I don't call her, I just keep checking the time. I eventually start walking but Baker ( my school ) isn't where it usually is. Airport blvd ( the road outside my school ) isn't outside, it's some backroad, it seems familiar but idk where I've seen it before. At first I go left, the road turns and I can see the main rode. In front of me I see a business with a dark red truck sitting in the parking lot facing me. At first I think it's my neighbor, but when I cross the street I find out it's not. This is when I figure out this is a dream and decide to turn back and go the other way. I pass these weird storage container things that I know I've seen before. I come to a circle of beach houses and I feel like I shouldn't be there. It's completely dark by now so I have to use my phone flashlight but is foggy so it doesn't help much. I get hit in the back of the head and wake up in one day of the beach houses. I can hear voices, they sound so familiar but I can't make them out. I eventually sneak out of the house and I'm on the porch when I decide to jump down instead of using the stairs because i know it will make noise. Half way to the ground I realize I don't have shoes on and that i need them. Shoes appear on my feet just before I land. I can hear the men who "kid napped" me and I run behind one of the houses. I climb up a ladder to the roof and I can see them looking for me. I call the cops and it starts to rain baldy. I wait on the roof until the cops come and I jump off the roof onto the porch when they arrive. I'm about to walk down the steps to the cops when one of the men grabs me and puts a gun to my head. I didn't want the gun there so it disappeared. The way the guy is holding me isn't like "don't you dare move or I'll hurt you" it's more like "don't move or they'll hurt you. " Like the cops were going to hurt me. I turn around and pin the guy. He looks so familiar but I can't make out where I've seen him before. Then the other guy comes, also very familiar. All the people including the cops disappear and I'm left alone. I start walking again. The sun is about to come up and I'm afraid I'll miss school. I check my phone and it's 1:03 am. I realize i haven't gotten any real sleep so I start freaking out and then I wake up. It's 1:03 am when I wake up.