Digital art, As she enters her late grandmother's house, the AI-generated image captures her nostalgia as she sits at the piano to play, greeted by the kind understanding of the new owner.


Date: 3/4/2019


I was walking around my neighborhood and decided to visit my late grandma’s house. At the time, the new people who now live in her house were in it, much to my unawareness. (IRL, my grandma and I were neighbors before she died, and I have never met the new neighbors.) I look around her house, and the wife of the family comes around and sees me playing piano. I expected her to be startled, but instead she recognized me as the granddaughter of the previous owner of the house. She told me that she understands how nostalgic I was for the house, but we had to establish ground rules for coming into the house without warning. She still let me visit the house anytime I’d like as long as I give the new owners notice.

AI generated interpretation Based on your dream, it seems that you have a strong sense of attachment to your grandmother and her house. The fact that you felt the need to visit her house in your dream suggests that you may be longing for the comfort and familiarity that she provided in your life. Additionally, the fact that you were able to play the piano in your grandmother's house may suggest a desire to connect with your past and memories associated with your grandmother. The presence of the new neighbors in your grandmother's house may indicate a feeling of disruption or discomfort in your life. You may feel as though changes in your life are causing you to lose touch with important aspects of your past and identity. However, the fact that the new neighbor recognized you and was willing to work with you to establish ground rules for visiting the house suggests that you may be able to find a way to reconcile your past with your present circumstances. It is possible that you will need to actively seek out ways to maintain a connection to your past and the people and experiences that brought you comfort and happiness in order to feel more grounded in the present.