Asian Wars, Painting, Flying, Rejected Airbnb Pt. 1

Date: 6/29/2017

By mooncreature

Part 1 out of 2 ------------------------------------------------------ I was in the middle of an asian war, like something out of The Romance of the Three Kingdoms. But what i was doing there?? I was painting shit, inside a tent...i dont remember what did i paint or anyone i know in the dream this time. And then things got worse...They took me to this red propeller plane in a hurry. I screamed because i wanted to take my paintings too. There was a young professor with me and he said it was impossible. But i ran into the tent and took all my paintings instead. The professor helped me too. Then there was a little kid, and a lady with us inside the plane, they all held my paintings. I sat in the front and the rest in the back. I drove the plane, and surely it looked like we're going nowhere. We went out of gas. We fell slowly into a lake in a mountainous area. The paintings all went down first, and the professor panickly held to them and he went out of the plane, but held the plane door. I shouted to him to let it go because we're going down anyway, but he didnt. He fell with some of the paintings. And minutes later, the rest of us. I came out of the water, and drag the plane out, the lady and the kid helped me. I saw the professor held afloat by the paintings in the distance i called him and he swam towards us. We were super drenched in a red water. I looked at the paintings we rescued. All of them were just blank canvas, with no traces of paint at all. I dont remember whether there were blank from the beginning or the water washed the paint away. ------------------------------------------------------ continues to part 2