chased out of the ghetto

Date: 1/16/2017

By iamMartinez!

I was driving through Wilmington. I decided to pass through the street where the Garcias used to live hoping to catch a glimpse of Lilly. I noticed the green Honda still parked outside but the street looked like a war zone. All the familiar houses were mostly gone. Replaced by some large apartment buildings that were left incomplete. The road was cracked open and too rough to get through so I turned around. Now I'm on a wheel chair. Making my way out of that neighborhood I realize it's dangerous to be there. I came up on a group of individuals playing basketball on the street. I knew they were the local thugs so I started rolling my wheels faster to get past them. As soon as I got past them I knew they were going to chase me so I rolled even faster taking advantage of a downhill slope. I knew they couldn't catch me cause I was really flying by then unless they split up and catch me as I came around a back road. I made it out to a more familiar street. Still concerned about the chase I came up on my GT bicycle. I don't know why it was there but I wondered if I could ride it. Feeling and movement had partially come back to my legs. So I got on and got out.