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Date: 4/28/2019

By BlackyyIzatu

The dream started as I was walking to some weird place that I thought of as school. There was a truck at the front gate with lemon milk for sale, but I couldn't buy it, since I had a different currency in my wallet. So then I decided to walk inside the school. Immediately as I walked in, a girl noticed me and started calling my name, and that she wanted to talk to me, but I ignored her, since I wasn't feeling like socializing. I went into a different room, where my mom was working. She also noticed me, and we started talking loudly so everyone around us could hear us. I'd cut off my arm only to remember what we were talking about, but I think it had to do something with me and the girl's family. The exchange continued as I sat on a chair like the ones dentists use for their clients. I was waiting in queue for a shower in lemon juice, as the conversation evolved to involve religion, and about 6 or so people. As I was finally getting a lemon shower, the conversation became a very aggressive argument, and I had enough. I got pissed and walked out of school. On the way back I met a guy that I immediately made friends with. He didn't understand why I was pissed, and why I avoided any people I knew. I explained everything to him, so we went to the nearest church to destroy it. As we were on our way, one of the church's workers noticed me, and said "I've located the individual". I knew that we had to hurry up if we wanted to destroy the church, so we hurried up to it and hid, while planting bombs everywhere that would blow up the whole place. The dream ended as we were about to leave, so I never got to see the place explode.