sewers jjba and library

Date: 8/14/2017

By lesbolivia

i was going into the sewers with a friend for some fucking reason and forgot my scarf and grappling hook bc i emerged at a different spot the friend's mom came and was pissed at her n i tried to hide underwater but in the end she didnt even care then my family and i were in these weird chain-linked boats and mom gave me her scarf to use as a shirt bc i had none and i promised her to go back and get it dad fell overboard bc the boats were like... four of em linked together so i had to crawl and get help something about designing clothes for josuke? from jjba, with the themes 'pink, pt. 1' and smth more bc he didnt like his dad so i couldnt pick pt. 2 or smth like that then me and daniel had to go get books at the library and we saw someone getting dante's inferno and got kinda jealous? like we felt bad bc we were there to get naruto for the extended (somehow.. lol?) but i wanted inferno too so i was like ok can i have that too :3 after having to wait forever bc weird queue system librarian was v passionate abt the wrongs abt putting all manga in the kids' section also u could only borrow books between monday-friday? then apparently danny boy didnt want any of it he just felt awkward w/o a book we walked over to a table where sofia p and astrid sat and they had "finally" gotten all their stuff which was a Bunch of fika like 6 chocolate muffins and so . said service was slow or smth