the Hunger Games

Date: 3/28/2017

By Jenna_Winters

basically there was this hunger games but the setting was my school and my oponents were my classmates and It was my 4th hunger games. They were all trying to kill me and each other but I hid it the trees and shit but I had no weapon which was really shitty. But suddenly I came across the maths building and there was this boy on top and the others were trying to kill him but they couldnt get up. I got up there and we became friends. But STILL no weapon. I ended up killing them and finding a little cupboard with giant sheers in it. suddenly all the tributes changed from my classmates to normal people, including children. they were all in this chapel but they werent killing each other. I began to take them out one by one but there always seemed to be more. I ended up smashing through the place and brutually slaughtering everyone because I wanted to win and go home to my bed. Death after death after death but still not any closer to the crown. I did slice a few necks open though, literally. Finally I was down to about 5 when my Alarm woke me up which was SO annoying because I was so close to being crown victor.