Date: 7/9/2019

By Elkura

I was stuck In a random maze likke dungeon with a few people. Many things happened that don't remember well but one part I do remember very clearly is being in one of the rooms with multiple insane girls like me. We had a challenge where put our hand in a box filled with bugs and blades that we were forced to use by the other girls. The game was to keep your hand in as long as possible. The first girl was screaming and left her arm in for so long. The screams were so loud and intense. Before the box we were tormented (U guys don't want the box right?) I out my hand in then closed my eyes. When I opened them my arm wants in the box anymore how ever there was blood and cuts everywhere and I could actually feel the pain After that I got away but Maged to get separated in the process. I kept hearing water and part of the dungeon was getting flooded. The dungeon was like a literal maze. Stone cold walls. There was one man waundering around randomly. He was very handsome. Blonde tall and with a great build. Two random girls were following him around everywhere and I occasionally would run into the (I've been waundering dungeons for what felt like forever. The last time I ran into him he had the two girls hypnotized to love them then randomly he was obsessed with me which pissed the girls off and threatened to stab Me if I said the word hypnotized and was forced to follow him. I got to a well and managed to push him in People lost in the underground dungeon filled with traps kinda torture like. After so many events that I just can't list I managed to escape and when I turned around to look at the dungeon it exsploded.