Date: 1/20/2017

By ciaraqueen69

Long story short, I went on an adventure to get like 4 tattoos and I had to get a ride with a creepy old dude who's van eventually broke down next to a bike, so I ride this bike until the chain breaks next to a really hot dude and we walk and walk and walk and boom we are there, I get 4 tats and then I had to get home in a matter of time. I sat down mad because I knew we weren't gonna make it... then the hot guy said "you know I have a car right?" and his car I'd parked outside. my first reaction was happy then I slapped him because all me and him do was walk. well then me and him drive to this water park and we run though the pools and the goal is to meet my family here, then we made it on time to spend time with my family and have them meet my new "boyfriend" :3