Diamonds, Demigorgons and Illegal School Leaving

Date: 7/23/2017

By kayeherl98

I worked in a diamond shop, trying to figure out which ones were the prettiest and sorting them by size. Then something happened (I think there was a cursed diamomd or something) because I was being chased by the Demigorgon through a dark forest and I came to this cabin where a kid had drowned and I had a conversation with his ghost. Later in the dream I was at the scout house in salida and talking to a bunch of people trying to get them to like me. Then I was at the high school in Springs trying to get this one credit I missed when I was actually going there and we went our for lunch because Emily had a car and then she was trying to sneak underclassmen out by having them hide in trash bags, and I really didn't like that but she wouldn't let me out, so I waited until she stopped in front of the security guard and then just said 'No, I can't do this," and got out and walked all the way back up to the school to this class that had all boys and none of them understood emotions but one of them was trying and he was being nice and I agreed to go to a party with him later and then Paige figured out I was upset and I finally got to talk to someone about why j was upset. (idek why I was so damn upset, good lord). Then I woke up when I was getting ready to go to the party with this hot dude.