Chocolate muffin in a pent house and a siege on the dilux catacombs

Date: 5/21/2017

By weaselpuppy

For some reason I went to soren's house (in the dream) except it wasn't his really life house it was a pent house that had the best view of the entire town. it had only a kitchen and dining room, the floor was polished medium dark wood and the house had little furniture. it was a really expensive house and I was wondering how anyone could afford it. then soren says he is hungry but his mom doesn't want him to have anything to eat, he keep insisting and then asks if he can have a chocolate chocolate chip muffin, his mom said no but he was desparate so he asked if he could share it with me and I didn't really want any but I felt bad so I ate half and he wanted me to pay for it. I was confused. This part of the dream is harder to remember but i think we found this old mine shaft or something and we broke it open and went in. it turned out to be an anchent sivalizations library and we explored it (mom, my dog, and some other people, soren was not in this part of the dream) and as we did someone or something was out side I don't know how we knew since this library was underground but we locked them out and continued exploring. we came to a room that was furnished like a modern house and had a counter that was all shiny, this was the kitchen I think. we went downstairs and found other rooms with modern stuff and all this time we are scared of the thing out side, it is trapping us in the cave and we just keep exploring because we have plenty of food and water. then I get to the bottom of the library and the dog had to pee so I took her outside onto this little ledge. we where on a cliff and there was a small road leading back up to the top of the library (the library starts at the top of a mountain and goes all the way to bottom) I let the dog pee but then some pirates come and try to kill us so we run up the road. Then in an old run down house/Victorian mansion the pirates are looking for me, mom, soren and some other people in our class. we are hiding and barely getting by them. I hide in the attic for one part it really creepy and falling down so I ran up a spiral stair case and Soren is at the top saying that they are right behind me so we hide. then back in the library in the mountain my dad is taking to my mom and wondering where soren and I where and my says that we are probably in the mansion some where. we came out of hiding then and I told them I had found a cool new place in the mansion. then I woke up.