I Don't Have The Disease

Date: 5/29/2017

By caitlynm14117

It was the last day of school and there was this sixth grader who had this really contagious disease. It was this thing where you had this circle of rotting flesh around your ankle. I don't know why they didn't just send her home but they didn't. Me and my friend Ryan were sitting in this room doing crafts or something and Dottie (the sixth grader) and two other sixth graders came in and were doing something else and I got really freaked out. Then Ryan said I had the disease (which I didn't) and then school ended and I had to empty out my locker. Which that was weird because it was cold outside which means it was Christmas vacay and not summer break so why did I have to take my locker stuff home? Also at some point during this dream I recommended "Los Angelenos" to somebody but I don't remember who.