Graduation: an alternative nightmare version

Date: 6/17/2017

By jameslecong

It was weird that I was in bed with Phuong Anh/Thuy Anh(twins), in class. It was not my usual class, but a mix of TDN and somewhere else(?). The next scene was me doing biology, in the same dark classroom, with some other few friends. I remembered being told to go to the student hall for the graduation ceremony, but I decided to finish my test before going. When I was about to leave, a girl from my 2nd highschool ran in in tears, shouted at us:"Why didn't you come to the ceremony? Now it's cancelled and we didn't get to write "lưu bút"!!" After that, the rest of my classmates came in, and they all seemed​to be blaming us who stayed in the classroom, including my bff. It was painful that the whole class ignored me, the glaces at me after that incident, and it hurt all the more because I didn't know what was going on. The twins seemed to have some understanding for me, but they were still cold against me. It was the most painful graduation day I could've experienced, so unlike our real grad day a month ago-when we sit together and shared our feelings.