Date: 5/4/2017

By aubreysky

I was standing in an ATM. it was dark night time and it was about to rain. me standing there I just wanted to grab some money. all of my friends then locked the ATM and started playing music through a speaker. after they did that it came to me that they were going to be staying there for a while probably overnight. everything was okay at first but then I realize we were in trouble. it looked like we were about to be caught in the middle of a really bad storm and I knew that we weren't safe where we were. and that's when I saw water rushing into the bottom of the ATM. I felt really afraid. I start freaking out I want to get out nobody's paying attention. next thing I know it's pouring. I begin to cry my shoes are soaking wet I would sit down but at that point I knew it was going to be a long night. for a moment I now realized where I was. I was in Revere in Northgate Plaza. the water begin to raise around us and that's when everybody started to freak out. they unlock the ATM some run for a car and drive away the rest of us stud there knowing there was nothing else we could do. home was too far away and we were no caught in the middle of the storm. I make a run for the nearest store just then the ceiling of the ATM crashes down and water comes rushing out of it. there's too much water on the ground now to run quick. I stand on top of what's left of the ATM and the rest of the girls start trying to get us to the nearest store. they begin to fool around again. I was now terrified. now we are floating around in this parking lot and I'm the only one who sees how much danger we're in but no one will listen to me and I have nowhere else to go. I jump off of the ATM and I got into something else. I think at this point the other girls snap out of it because now they look afraid to. I start to try to drive away but there's too much water around me. I'm not getting anywhere and the water is getting in the car and now I'm alone. and then I wake up.