The School Puzzle

Date: 7/11/2019

By TheMeaningOfRecit

Unfortunately, I forgot the first half of the dream. This dream seemed more like a giant puzzle game about my middle school. I should make it into a puzzle game one day. The beginning of the part I remember was that I was in the school. I was walking up the 7th & 8th grade stairs, while the kid traffic was a lot, but there is still empty space left to move around. We was going to 4th period, which was Spanish class. When I got to the top, I walked to the first hallway immediately left. Right at the beginning of the hallway was my 8th grade history teacher’s room. It was not supposed to be there. The door was open, and her room still looked the same. I could hear her talking about This Day In History. This is what she said: "This day in history. On 1970, General Thomas ??? ??? made the people..." I forgot the rest. When she started saying this, I thought to myself that I'll overhear what she says, then write it down in 4th period so I didn't have to in her class. Unfortunately, on my way there, I forgot the part past 1970, so I just remembered the 1970. I theorize that General Thomas is actually General Stonewall. My Spanish class was also misplaced. It was about 3 doors from the history class. This door was open too, so I just walked in there. My binder was already placed beside the second computer of the left row of computers. My seat in real life was either #3 or #4, depending on which one worked. This was not my right seat, but in my dream I thought it was. Ash, one of my friends, was in #1 already. As I walked toward #2, Olivia, another friend, walked up to the seat and stole it. When I got there, she said "sorry." I said nothing that whole time. I got my binder from the place and sat it against the wall beside #3. I went in the seat and turned my computer on. They were all Windows 10, so the time showed. I forgot what the time was though. A few seconds later, the scene switched. I knew at that point, I was playing a computer game, but the whole scene turned into the screen. The game was a pixelated world and had a top-down view. There were many islands of different sizes. The islands looked like they were made of minecraft grass and sand blocks. The islands had blocky hills and uneven places too. The walls on this game was a shaded brown place for grass blocks and shaded yellow for sand. My pixelated character looked like a white silhouette of a sombrero with white wings and yellow chicken legs. There was a red line going across the middle of the hat. I think it also had a blue goatee. When my character moved, the chicken legs would cycle from not that apart to very apart and diagonal. Non-pixelated text appeared when the scene started. It said this: "Rescue all 6 people on the islands" After a few seconds, the text disappeared. My lives were on the top left and was measured by a red number, which started from 5. I could move around, but I couldn't go into the water. Whenever I jumped, it would go twice the speed of when I walked, but I couldn't stop in the middle of it. I also had this ability where if I kept jumping, I could go across water and go twice as fast as walking, but I couldn't change the direction of it or stop it until it touches the ground. Whenever I used the ability, the wings would go up and down. The people I was supposed to rescue were spread apart, and I knew I could only do one at a time. The people were represented by two letter abbreviations. Each abbreviation was a different color and had their own block. If I stepped on one, the abbreviation would disappear and what would appear would be a thing that was the shape of my character, but was only the color of its abbreviation. This thing would follow me and do exactly what I do until I get to the island I started on. That's when it would disappear. So, I started my quest by jumping on another island. I don't remember what I did until I went to the starting point again and there were only two people left. The only thing I remembered was how I lost health. There were sharks, things that chased you, and things that shot at you. I forgot what the last two of those looked like. There were also red lasers aiming and then coming from the edge of the screen. I remember at that point I had 3 lives. The last two people were on one big island, so I kept jumping there. I remember these abbreviations. One was MZ and was pink, and the other was JB and was blue. I took the JB first and rescued it. Then went back for the MZ. When I got to MZ, I only had one life left. When I got the person, a giant realistic hand came from the bottom and tried to squish me, but missed. Then it grabbed a piece of the island and went away. After that, I started to go straight to the starting island using my ability. That's when I heard cheering in the background. As I was going back, I heard one boy say "Come on" and then a girl say "Use those wings." When I got back, I won the game with just one life and everyone started cheering louder. Then the scene switched again. The cheering stopped as it switched. This time, I was in my 8th grade history teacher’s class. She just got done with This Day In History. She said to the class that for homework, we had to write down a scene from the Bible and then make a picture of it using a device. She never shows us the device. Then the scene switches again. This time, I was in my cousin Dakota's house, near the room where the front porch door is. Mamaw was standing in the room near Mom, who was sitting on the couch holding a gray rectangular prism. I was watching them in the living room at the doorway. Mom said she had to do something with the device for her medical job, but I don't remember exactly what it was. Then she started to touch the side of the prism that was facing me. The colors started to change on it. The side was a 5x3 grid of squares. These squares would change their color. The colors were purple, orange, and green, and if you color a square, the ones below it will change into that color too. I forgot what she made with the block. Then after about 2 seconds, I said "At least you're not me. I have to make a picture from the Bible." Then all of the squares changed to yellow, from left to right. I knew that I had mind powers for some reason and made the block change with my mind.