The Results

Date: 5/25/2017

By Y0Universe

I was in a hospital and a nurse came in and said "we have the results of your STI test, we already know that HIV results were negative, but you came back positive for all the other ones, so we need to rush you to the emergency room immediately!" I started thinking, holy shit! How is that even possible! I was being pushed through the hallways very quickly in a wheel chair. And ahead of us I noticed a huge hole in the floor, almost like a bomb had gone off, and the hole was taking up half the hallway, and she was pushing me towards it. "Whoa! Watch out!" I yelled, and she kept pushing and we glided right over the hole! I did a reality check, where I counted my fingers and all my fingers where there. I turned around and the nurse had this completely blank robotic stare. I started piecing everything together and realized this couldn't be real! Then she pushed me into the wall at the end of the hallway and we ghosted through the wall and I woke up without being able to take advantage of the lucid space. (Also, in real life I had an STI test a week ago and everything came back negative)