Teaming up with the "Ghost"

Date: 2/23/2019

By ShadowOwl

I was in a haunted house/building trying to spend the night. I was on a cot on at least the 3rd floor. It was dimly lit and I was really cold and I pretty freaked out. I was there with 3 other dream people who were walking around. I decided I couldn't sleep and would go join them. I went in another room close to where they were. I was looking at books on a bookshelf when I pressed one in and the bookshelf moved to reveal a secret passage. I excitedly called for the other guys to come as I ran into the passage. As I ran down, the monster turn the corner. It was just the Creeper from Scooby Doo but I was scared out of my wits. I tried to stop and run the other way but momentum was not on my side. By the time I had, he had caught me and started to run further down the passage. I tried to scream but I couldn't. Luckily I heard one of my teammates running after us. We entered a small room and I elbowed the monster in the face. That was enough for him to drop me and I was totally ready to continue fighting. I threw a punch but missed. I paused as I heard footsteps approaching which was enough time for the monster to throw me into yet another secret entrance. This time he told me to go to the second floor entrance and then go to the kitchen. I went and he followed. I was super fearful of what would happen next but he just went and took off his mask and asked if I wanted anything to eat or drink. He seemed around my age with blondish brown hair and light green eyes. I said I was fine and then he went to show me the animatronics he created to "haunt" the place. I did not enjoy them at all. But after that it was really chill. I asked what his name was and for once in a dream I got an answer, Julian. We hung for a while and then i left saying I'd visit tomorrow. I went back to the house where I immediately jumped cause I wasnt expecting Julian to be in the fourier. Suddenly my teammates rushed in through the front door looking frazzled and it just then occurred to me that they still thought I was missing. I introduced them to Julian who I said was another paranormal investigator who I met in the secret tunnels. Our apparent success of staying there overnight prompted tours of the first floor of the building. Julian's goal was to still scare the people out so he didnt join me on the first tour. The tour led through several different rooms of the house while the guide told us about a murder linked to the house. As we went into a library, literally just a public library, the little sign on the bookshelves which said which section was which changed to talk about murder and seemed to contradict and taunt the tour guide. A chair also flew out from under the desk. I was close enough to see the string attached to the chair but I was still really impressed. As the group left, Julian joined and I said how impressed I was and how I would totally think it was haunted if I didnt know. We then talked about the rest of my group who we jokingly compared to Scooby Doo. We broke off from the group and headed to kitchen. In the kitchen I met with an older man who Julian introduced as a friend who helped with the haunting. Curious, I asked how old Julian was. He responded 23 and then I woke.