Um, Superhero Dream

Date: 7/12/2017

By Fitful

I was in a classroom in a very tall tower. It was in the top floor of a sky scraper and I was in those school desks doing work with other students. I kept staring out the window at the disc shaped city in the sky, thinking about how dangerous it was. What if it was attacked? All someone would have to do to kill two cities is to attack it and break it in half, when it fell it would crush all the people below. I thought it was a very poor decision, the floating disc city. I also noticed the tower right outside the window, quite close really, popped and with a watery swallow dissappear out of sight when the city flew off. It, the city, usually turned right above the same spot but occasionally, while I watched it, it left. It was only ever gone a few minutes, but each time it left this gleaming silver and chrome tower, a whole tower, just dissappeared, drawn back into the building. I kept think technology like that was too advanced, and wondered when it had happened. I didn't remember anyone making that, it was too fast a leap. I tried to concentrate on my school work, but I kept getting annoyed by the tower slurping away then back with the silly disc city above. The city was a wide thing, the size of a large metropolis on a giant coin. It turned and occasionally a forcefield popped up around it and sometimes it folded itself I half. It was always very busy during the day. I didn't like it. I also dispaired, thinking the city could just fly away were we ever in danger, and keep itself safe. I thought it was a bit cowardly. Then, as if my worry had conjured him, a man appeared on the tower, the part which didn't slurp and pop away. He was dressed in dark super villian clothes, more like metal armor, and had a blue ray gun. He began attack buildings from his perch and i worried the city would be next. I didn't like the city, but I didn't want it hurt and falling on us normal citizens. I grabbed a gun too, also blue ray gun, and kept it trained on him. It hit him and this steady stream of blue kept pouring on him but it didn't do much. He was still attacking the city and I climbed out the window and kept on firing. I tried getting closer, somehow I thought if I was close the ray might actually work. I think his suit was repelling it, I also think I stepped out onto thin air, walking on the air. Two superheros showed up, one in darker colors (blue, green) on a bike, and some guy in a metal lion suit made of gold and red, his hands erupted into metal curved claws, part of the suit, and he jumped off his bike to get at the guy, instead of actually hitting him he fell. They made quips and jokes the whole while they fought this guy, disparaging each other's efforts good naturedly. It was like being suddenly in some super hero movie, although the lion guy was named Wildstar. The name sounded familiar, I wondered if he actually was a superhero. And of course the black clad guy was taking their fire and not budging. So cliche but I stopped being angry, realizing that wasn't working, and I calmed my mind like in meditation and thought of love for the whole city. The fire I shot next from my gun was white and powerful and huge, it engulfed everything and the black clad guy got popped off the tower, like flicking a bug. I thought incarcerating thoughts and sleep thoughts and he was captured by some purple haired female superhero who showed up next flying. She caught him in some glowing white light net. I had to keep myself from attacking her, for a second I thought she could have been his backup. Then I thought they could have been his back up too, and it was just a trick. I also had that moment when you choose to kill or not kill, I had it while I was shooting with love, it was in the middle when I realized if he fell all the way down he'd die. So I caught him and disabled him, the fact she showed up with a light net was just bonus really.