Elderly Taxi Drivers Offer Me Lunch

Date: 6/22/2017

By precociousoceans

My first memories of the dream begin in an apartment I own downtown. Not one I truly own, but in the dream, although the layout of it certainly resembles my own home. I have over my brother, my girlfriend, and two of her friends. In my bedroom is me, my girlfriend, and the guy friend of hers. They are wrestling and cuddling and while it's irritating me I feel as though I remember her telling me that this is the nature of their strictly plutonic friendship. I can't exactly get my mind off of it and decide to take a nap on the bed right beside where they're "rough-house"-ing (funny, I always saw that word in my head as ruffhousing, spelling it out for the first time felt odd) When I wake the two of them are gone from the bedroom. This aggrivates and concerns me further. I walk with a powerful and threatening stride into the living room. I'm not exactly expecting to see my girlfriend and the guy in the act of anything, but I suppose this is what I'm prepared for, and I know if it's not the case I can always play off my anger. It's not. Well, the two of them are on the couch watching a movie with my brother and the other friend of hers, but my girlfriend is laying down with a blanket across her and the guy - friend is sitting on the last cushion by her feet. I remember trying to gauge whether her feet were rested upon him but I suppose that doesn't break the description of their comfort with one another. I'm still annoyed that the two would've left me alone when I "so-clearly" was looking to spend time with my girlfriend. I mean, Jesus, she had another girl-friend there who wasn't seeming to have anyone to talk to, what about her? Lol, but I'm making this too personal, looking at details I probably wasn't in the dream. I lay down next to my girlfriend, internally desperate for her comfort and recognition of love, and although it feels partially stifled at first we squeeze together and kiss. Hm, well this part is fun. My girlfriend decides it'd be a good idea to stick her finger up my ass. I keep giving her the benefit of the doubt that she wouldn't really do it as her finger goes deeper and I'm saying, albeit while giggling, "No" and "Stop" repeatedly. Well, it got in there, but I immediately jumped on to me feet and just told her I needed to go out. I went down to where all the shops and things were. The walk didn't feel to be long but I was now a ways away from my apartment. I flagged a taxi to get back and in it were two elderly women, one the driver and on in the passenger side. I told them where I lived and as they began driving the lady in the passenger side mention she was hungry. The woman driving said "Me too." Looked back at me, smiled, and asked if I was hungry. I was actually hoping she would ask and said we could certainly stop somewhere. When we parked in front of a small deli, the two women remained chatting for a moment. Because the vehicle was an old 60s bug, I felt, maybe, transported back to the time in the sense that it must be ok for me to light my cigarette in the car. I was told just after lighting it that I shouldnt. Instead of putting it out I just started to get out of the car. The two women were already out when the car began drifting to the side and down the road. I had one foot still in the car and jumped up into the driver's seat. I tried without success to hold the brake down and put the car into park anytime I had steered the free-moving vehicle into a proper place. All the while the car is being pulled downhill and I'm trying to maneuver around the cars on the sides of the road as well as those traveling up and down it. I was nervous. The taxi drivers were yelling down for me to "pull the lever". I looked about the car and discovered the handbrake was positioned on the side of the steering wheel, and that this is what they must have meant. I got the car to stop, but just after a man came and handed me a large piece of paper that looked to be a ticket. It had my name on it so I figured the taxi women must have gave him my name and pinned the incident entirely on me. I was screaming towards the man that this was ridiculous, he just kept on walking away from me. But then I read it. It was actually a note of commemoration, signed by a few of the bystanders for my "Amazing actions". I thought that was really nice. I got back to my apartment and found it empty. Again I was annoyed with not having been told by my girlfriend where she was going.