Small town apocalypse

Date: 2/9/2017

By popcorngoo

I was having this dream that was kinda like the apocalypse in the Bible where the good people are taken to heaven and the bad are punished except for some reason it was like only based on this in town. I was traveling and ended up stopping in this town. Or wait no I think I was asked to come there to be a part of like a reality MTV show like Real World and there were like 30 other young contestants like me there. This town had some sort of legend about a girl who was murdered there (kinda like the ring) and I remember the feeling I got when the apocalypse started to happen. I started to tell everyone there that we all need to get a weapon. Find something sharp, and if you can't then break something in half to make it sharp. And this apocalypse came in waves. The first wave was easy. The things attacking us were kinda like zombies, slow and not really very coordinated. Each wave got harder and harder and harder, slowly wiping people out. I remember thinking,"we gotta get out of this town, otherwise we're all going to die here. Or I'm going to be living alone, scared and on the run from demons for the rest of my life here." I woke up before we could escape the town.