Date: 2/10/2017

By skno315

A while back I was prescribed Buspar, an anti-anxiety medication. I stopped taking it because it didn't work for me, but I had the strangest dreams because of it (a common side effect of the drug). In one, I was in a lush, misty forest. It was a warm and beautiful day; there was a hazy glow about everything. A strange, thick, heavenly fog surrounding the forest life and I. I found a creek with a small dock to step out on. I stood on it and looked down into the water. I was alone and knew that I was going to die, and that I was going to die on this perfectly mystical and beautiful day. Then I was half-awake, perhaps a sort of sleep paralysis? I was still dreaming, but awake, lying in bed. However, I didn't see the dreams as images, I saw colors swirling in complex geometric patterns, and sometimes small dots of all different colors. It was unlike anything I've ever experienced. I wondered if these types of patterns create what happens when we dream, or if it is some aspect at all of how we dream and see the world in general, or if it was just a side effect of this drug. I was fascinated by it and it had a big impact on me.