I'm Late!

Date: 9/28/2019

By Jess_W

I had a dream that I needed to go to class but that I had to do other things at school first. I stopped off a Starbucks and saw that it was 5:53 so I was late for class but I decided to get a drink anyways. Then I offered to to give the cashier a ride somewhere for whatever reason. I kept checking the time and I started to realize that I was becoming more and more late for class I was stressing out a lot and then I got lost driving. I pulled up my GPS and was fumbling with my phone trying to type but I kept messing up. The place I was driving around was like a junk yard. I needed to get out. I told him that I was going to park the car at PV and then go to class but the parking lot was 7 mins away. I was so stressed and wished I hadn't driven my car anywhere at all...