the weird future

Date: 7/13/2017

By Tjika

I had been gone on my go-cart and now came back home on it. I was driving it down the road, but went from left to right, because I couldn't control it very well. I almost got hit by trucks and cars and annoyed some people on the sidewalk as well. When I finally got home I saw that something strange was going on. Close to my home there were groups of people with tattered clothes and guns walking around. I was scared at first, but they just ignored me, so I walked past them towards my home. I couldn't get in through the front door, because of the people with guns, so I jumped through the gardens of the neighbours to the window of my room and went inside through it. One guy tried to follow me, but I kicked him and he fell down. I closed my window after me, so now one could get in. We went from the house to another house on the other side of the road for some reason, but before we reached it we were ambushed by the people with guns. My family was able to get inside, but I climbed a tree instead, because I couldn't reach the house anymore. The weird people just looked at me annoyed and told me to come with them. They didn't seem evil, so I did. When walking with them I realised I had accidently gone to the future. They talked to me about the fact that I looked different, my eyebrows were less big and the general shape if my head was different. I knew that was because I was a different human species from the past. I told them and said a few people really looked like members of myy family and they told me they were indeed decebdends of that family. I went out with these people to gather supplies or something. We went Inti a van and got all kinds of packages. Then random kids helped us put them in the truck and went home with us. Now the future family was suddenly the same as the one from the beginning of tge dream. We went home and saw my cat there doing something cute, but I'm not sure what it was. There was also a mini catarpillar hugging a catapillar that had made a web to catch prey, but they were Gettibg along really well even though the mini catarpillar should have been the prey. I saw like a video how the catspillar would turn into a butterfly and the mini catapillar into a bigger one and how they'd still be friends and I thought it was really cute.